Saturday, April 23, 2011

Long, cold winter and long, cold spring

This past week, Thag has been on vacation, and we have made the most of our time together, but it has been a cold, wet week. We've been trying to forage, but we are limited in our gathering. We have gathered lots of leeks and the day lilies and orpine are up, but there are no signs of fiddle heads and even the knotweed is too small to gather. This morning an inch of snow accumulated at our house before we left to drive down to Connecticut for Easter.

Driving south was a bit painful. What a diffenence 100 miles can make! Maple, cherry, and willow trees in blossom--leaves sprouting on some trees! All the daffodils in full bloom! We know it will come, but spring has taken a long time coming this year.


  1. I don't know as many plants as you and lacking car, am limited in the areas I can forage, but it doesn't seem *THAT* much better down here in Massachusetts. Only a couple species of trees are beginning to bloom or start tiny, tiny leaves, the rest still look like the dead of winter. On the ground, there are a lot of dead leaves, a few flowers like crocuses and daffodils, some little conifers that look green, but not much else. I've ended up picking up litter that's collected under the snow over the winter or washed down the creek when it flooded it's banks during the ice melt.... and it is SUPER annoying to go out trying to find something to eat and ending up just getting plastic to throw away :(

    The wild chives are out enough to pick some, but seriously, I'm jealous of the people 100 miles to the south of ME!

  2. We feel your pain. Although this week looks much more promising. Today on our walk, the baby and I even saw dandelion flowers!

  3. Indeed! This week it's exploded, I'm very excited. :)