Sunday, April 3, 2011

1 Year, 1 Family, 100 Wild Meals

After our long winter hibernation (which apparently started in September!), we have awoken with clear goals for this foraging year.

This year we will attempt to feast upon 100 wild meals. These meals can include any number of wild edibles. Different meals containing the same ingredients (ie. nettle soup, nettle quiche, and nettle stir fry) would count separately. Dinners with two different dishes containing wild edibles will count as separate entities (ie. sorrel soup accompanied by a acorn flour muffins would be two meals).

Whereas last year we were simply trying to encounter new foods, this year our major goal is to try and make wild foods a more substantial part of our diet. Last year snacking on wild raspberries or trying beech nuts would count--this year those foods need to be collected in larger quanities and become part of an actual meal.

In addition, we will attempt to post each Saturday before we go to bed. So look for our posts each week.

And, indeed, the wild season has begun. Sugaring season is currenetly in full swing, and yesterday we found our first dandelion leaves growing along the West River!


  1. Excited to travel on another journey with you

  2. Great clarity and goals! It follows so perfectly your challenge for last year. I'm looking forward to sharing some of those meals with you. Do the meals need to be cooked by you? Can someone else prepare a wild meal for you? Also, will you rate the meals like you did last year?

    My goals have shifted, too. I've been culturing tons of vegetables. It's really been helping my health and Denny has gotten into it too. I can't wait to ferment all kinds of wild foods.

    I'm going to go check for wild leeks sometime soon. I know that they'll be really tiny. But I'm desperate for a taste of spring.

  3. Good questions, Arena. I think we will count meals prepared by others--what a great way to encounter and incorporate more wild foods. And I like the idea of rating the meals.

    Wild leeks! You are ambitious with all this snow still on the ground. (At least here in Putney! We still have 8 inches or so in our yard!)

    Can't wait to see you again soon!

  4. Happy spring to the three of you! It feels like it’s finally here. Nothing like a hard winter to make spring especially precious.

    I had success with the leeks. The spot where I gather them is exceptionally warm. Also, I wanted to go early because Samual Thayer inspired me to try spring beauty “fairy spuds” and trout lily bulbs. The spring beauty fairy spuds were fantastic! However, contrary to what Sam says, I felt bad gathering such a beautiful and delicate plant. The trout lily wasn’t up yet. Do you want to go there with me? I’ll call you and we can set a time.