Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Itinerary for a Near-perfect Foraging Weekend

  1. Begin the day at your local farmer's market and accidentally bump into your good friends and their three year old.
  2. Decide that the kids need a swim and let them romp around in the brook behind the market. Watch them giggle with delight.
  3. Drive out to the foraging spot. Let your daughter run through the wide open fields. Scan the field margins to find wild grapes, wild carrots, and new plants that have beautiful flowers even though they are not edible like virgin's bower.
  4. In an old red pine plantation, find the biggest patch of bull thistle that you've ever seen. Look for the first-year rosettes that you will gather in the fall.

On the way out, pick milkweed pods and staghorn sumac berries.

Stop off on the way home to show your wife the feral mulberry bush on a suburban street right across from a nascent killer black cherry crop. (Thanks Arena.)

Find a loaded grapevine just down the street.

At home cook up milkweed whites. Serve on toast with tomatoes.

  1. Set the sumac berries to soak in cold water for sumac-ade.

On Sunday, go to a free circus and cheer on your friend who does a graceful performance on the hanging fabric.

While at the park, weed purslane out of the public garden for a tasty salad.

Head on over to your friend's garden, gather so many lamb's quarters and amaranth that you think you won't be able to eat it all.

That night, cook up and feast on an amaranth green stir-fry and a lamb's quarter spinach ricotta pie.

  1. Go to bed thinking that everything is right with the world.

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  1. Something's up with Blogspot. Even though, I've deleted 3. and 4. multiple times, they keep coming up. So please forgive the imperfections. They aren't intentional.